mews 03

Notting Hill Gate, London

Mews 03 is a redevelopment of a modest 2 level mews house into a 4 level family home.

The space is designed to form a private cocoon that is open to the elements. The available light is captured creatively through the use of screens.

The circulation through the levels is critical. The circulation space is as long as reasonably possible. With sharp changes of direction, the circulation traverses the dimensions of the available volume, providing a powerful sequence of views on the process.

The surface materials provide movement, mapping out the route with its slippery black glazed monolith rising through the 4 levels. One of the abutting walls is clad with Douglas Fir.  The use of timber gives the impression that the building is fixed to a neatly constructed barn.

The architecture is enhanced by its contradictions: elegance and texture, weight and weightlessness and above all, light and dark.