Mews 01

Holland Park

Mews 01 is a total reconfiguration of a traditional and very dark mews house in west London. The client purchased a small plot of land to the rear of the property to create a small porch, which helped flood the rear of the mews with light. A vertical light void was formed to bring light down during the middle of the day and glazed interior walls and doors helped maximise the natural light throughout the day.

“Floors, walls and ceilings are the most important architectural elements of any interior,” explains Andy. “Details such as radius curves, which allow floors to join smoothly with the walls, enable you to play tricks with the whole definition of space, merging different planes just as you would on a computer. I wanted to achieve the same look as ‘texture mapping ‘where, by pressing a button you can effectively ‘wallpaper’ a colour around any shape or object on the screen.