pushkinsky cinema

Moscow, Russia

The existing cinema has strong links to the creative past and sits at the axes of the Pushkin Square, with a powerful processional link from the square to the cinema podium.

The building seems lost within the chaotic evolution of the city, we have thought to reflect the Pushkin style of combining romance and satire, with a curtained structure, to recreate the iconic status of the building and bring back the national events. This structure has a direct link to the imagery of theatre, the new cladding deforms and flows creating openings for entry and light. This static form will peel away and flow into the Moscow breeze, while the material adds a dynamic experience to the place and visitor.

Neatly clad within a subtle grid, Corian is the perfect material to be shaped and manipulated, creating the intended forms complimenting its qualities of depth and softness. The curtain is designed as a double layered construction with internal illumination, adding to the aesthetics of a rich flowing fabric. 

The cladding will also be perforated to allow greater daylight penetration to the lobby, revealing a traditional Russian pattern during the day, and reversing this effect as the building glows during the evening.

The actual entry over the stairs from Pushkin square would be terminated at the cinema entry lobby. The first level East and West podiums will be removed giving back the street to public and letting the building sit more comfortably within its context, with any existing exits being dealt with within the buildings envelope. The cinema lobby will double in size and becomes a functional and atmospheric space for social gatherings and events.