01 Frith Street, Soho (now relocated to Dean St)

02 Adelaide Street, Covent Garden

03 Drury Lane, Covent Garden

04 Dean St, Soho

There are currently three Barrafina Restaurants in central London, the first in Frith St being an offshoot from the infamous Fino Restaurant off Charlotte Street, all run by Sam and Eddie Hart. 

Barrafina is reminiscent of a small and familiar Spanish tapas bar. The compact nature of the restaurant space generates a sense of activity. The customers are seated along a linear table overlooking the kitchen area. The aesthetic is inherent in the functionality; a ‘commercial kitchen’, and is treated and formed to create a playful environment.

All attention is on the display of fresh produce and the theatre of cooking. Barrafina Drury Lane won UK Restaurant of the Year in 2015.