south bank pavilion 

This project explores our keen interest in materiality over the last few years and reinforces our close working relationship to the construction industry. In recent years we have been looking at brickwork, insulation and reconstituted timber (chipboard).

This project looks at the quality of scale, not just scale of the form - but the scale of the material itself. The material is a cross-laminated fast grown spruce, a sort of up-scaled plywood. Wood has never been so 'big'. Ordinarily wood is perceived as milled profiles for cladding and structure, but not as the both simultaneously.

The dynamics involved in the pavilion’s shape are closely related to how you experience it as you move through the spacial arrangement of constructed elements. This suggests that the best way of seeing the pavilion is to involve yourself with it. The interaction becomes a sort of animation. Every aspect of the design has been laid out to suggest that if you move, the pavilion will look slightly different.